Wandering the Woods


An enchanting chapter in the pilgrim’s mystic search for inner peace and wisdom. (Please order separately from other titles.)

Who shall roam the enchanted forest, and who the gloomy woods?

Guided by the enigmatic lady of the woods, Pilgrim makes his mystic way among the trees, in search of inner peace, on a personal quest for truth and beauty and goodness.

Travelling with him, we are privy to his thoughts, as he ponders, as he is moved to prayer, and as he sings his songs of wonder and joy.

This is a must-read for any serious seeker of the mystic way. It will be of interest too for the ecologist, for the student of modern science, for the lover of perennial wisdom, of myth, of legend and the folklore of the woods.

The discerning reader will also detect how the author, step by step, unravels and clarifies many of the mysteries of the mystic path, and elucidates the laws of light and love that govern a good man’s heart.


  • Publisher: Rowan Press, rowanpress@fastmail.co.uk
  • ISBN: 978-1-874309-03-1
  • Format: Paperback, 4 Colour plates
  • Page Count: 263 pages
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  • About the Author: Until he retired, Ian Major’s professional background – depending how far back you want to go – was in adult education. It was what he had done for a living. He had enjoyed it immensely. However, for reasons he is still to discover, his lifelong passion has been the study and practice of what some refer to as the ‘perennial wisdom’.
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