Everyone’s different. We shouldn’t expect to come across someone who thinks exactly as we think, or who sees and feels just as we do. We’ve all had our own life experiences.  Our secret dreams and hopes and wishes are ours and ours alone. To meet someone just like us is all but impossible. Indeed more often than not we feel poles apart from those we encounter in the journey of life.

Even so, there are people who, if we happen to meet them, we just naturally feel in harmony with. Sometimes there seems neither rhyme nor reason for it, but nevertheless something in them strikes a chord with us.

Those we feel somehow inwardly connected to can outwardly appear very diverse. They can come from all walks of life, from all nations, races, faiths and traditions, and can have widely differing abilities, skills, aptitudes and gifts. Just what we share is difficult to define; but whatever it is we recognise it in each other when we meet. Often we do not fully realise it in the reasoning part of ourselves, and sometimes personalities get in the way; but despite everything something rings within and we intuitively know that we have found a kindred mind.

Lead Kindly Light is for those who feel in harmony with its contents. It’s for those who hold to the same or similar sentiments. It’s for those who are seeking the way home. It’s for those who are treading or perhaps still looking for their spiritual path – not as a mere hobby, or to fill an idle hour or two, but because it’s a real part of who they are. It’s for the sincere seekers who are scattered across the Earth like seeds on uncultivated ground. It’s for those who are quite far along the path; and also for those who are at the very beginning of their search and adventure. Above all, it’s for those who would welcome some company on the way.