The books included on the Lead Kindly Light website will not be for everyone; nor for most will now be the right time for them. Their ‘right book at the right time’ will be found elsewhere. The majority will pass them by; and that is how it should be. It’s just as clear however, that a few will find in one or more of them something that resonates within.

When we do come across such a book it can be powerful. Many of us will remember the one that made a big impression, gave an added impetus to our chosen journey through life, or even changed our direction of travel.

It’s a very personal thing, and it’s sometimes difficult to pin down why a particular book resonates so strongly with us. It’s not always the ‘best’ book either, but rather, the best book for us at that moment. Sometimes it seems that it has as much to do with us than with anything in the book.

So the efforts presented here are offered in a spirit of hope: the hope that whatever their merits or otherwise, they prove helpful in some way to those for whom they were written; the hope that they or something in them can provide the simple link in a chain that might take someone to the next step on their journey, to the next phase of their adventure; and the hope that they might stir something which is perhaps not in the books at all, but in the reader.

They can all be downloaded and used freely for personal use only. Please respect the authors’ copyright.