(From the teachings of Han-Su)

To see a thing is no more than the perception of a mind gazing out from itself and perceiving a surface on which to rest when none really exists. Even the light from the stars is unseen in the vastness of the great ocean of the deep until it touches a thing we call surface, and then it becomes.

This becoming is no more than the great mind creating a shore on which to laps its waves of thought. How else will it see itself without the vast mirror of solidified things? The surface of a thing is no more than an ever-shifting shoreline forever changing with the tides of time.

We peoples who wander on our great journey. Unconscious of the great consciousness because we have rested on our own shore so that we too may reflect and learn, are mesmerised by its seeming solidity and thus become a part of it. We are caught in our own entangled web waiting for an end when we might be free, when we already are.

It was once said that the fisherman was caught by the fish when the fish took the bait. Neither able to let go. The world is full of different hooks and we know not how to leave them behind. But if we learn to swim within the great water then all that seems real fades into the fluid it always was.

Then the mind, master of the ocean and navigator supreme within its ever moving flow is free within and without again. And able to see the real sky all around and the wonder of the many worlds beneath its ever warming glow.

It was said that the Ancient Ones left the secrets of the water for the few who endeavour to work as powers in the service of the great consciousness and to all as they too grow close to it again. Mankind walks upon its scintillating surface but does not see it. Yet it would slake their thirst in the desert of life and take them home.