A Clean Glass (Guest)

“Only those whose minds are Pure are equal to the labours of Renunciation.”(Narada)

Whether we be seeking to gradually unveil our true Individuality or Identity, and with a pristine Vision and profound Understanding, unveil the secrets of radiant Beauty and sacred Truth; these being securely hidden behind the dense screens of external Nature; free from any contact with the lower senses—and especially from the irreverent  gaze of the materialist, the profane and the scoffer—or, whether we be intensely busy in the humdrum of the workaday world, fully occupied with the struggles of life, worldly duties, illnesses and other grievous conditions, as well as the negative conditions of our lower mind and  body… it nevertheless comes as  somewhat of a revelation to the novice, that these two opposite directions of energy and concentration are not mutually exclusive; for being opposite sides of the same coin, they go hand in hand! And one cannot be busy in one area without effecting the other—at times profoundly so. Continue reading