May I too, find favour in the sight of God by remembering the wisdom of my soul. That I might give voice to my inarticulate heart, which yearns to praise the Light in the darkness of its forgetfulness.

Thus may I approach Thee, in reverence and awe, Oh Ahura-Mazda, suppliant to Thy great Majesty, lest I should be consumed by Thy blazing Light!

Yet may I grow fair in the gardens of Thy Love, and promise Thee offerings of my harvested fruits; if the wisdom and understanding be mine, the planting is Thine, the nurturing and the ripening all Thine.

And may I marvel at the great Hierarchy under Thee.
For the highest Lords of Heaven, do radiate a cascade of golden blessings into the hearts of humble seekers adrift upon the seas, according to Thy Laws harmonious.
Oh God! May I worship and praise Thee, in contemplation of Thy endless mercies.

And at the appointed hour, I pray that I may hear the message of Truth and act according to Thy will.
May it be my destiny to take up the standard of Light with a glad and grateful heart my only means of payment for Thy eternal tuition.

Oh, that I might draw deep from the well of the Sun; that its pure waters may restore the flowerings of wisdom to the plains of my being. And yet, might the darkness of winter be a spur to those who pass by, and smell not the sweetness of the waters and feed not on the dreams of a fertile land.
I pray that their seeds germinate to Life and Light, that they may awaken to a spring of new promise!

And may God preserve me in my attending the two-fold duties.
Oh Asha, lady of tenderness and smiles, might I with patience and diligence combined, at last bring health and strength to heart and mind.
Oh Lord Supreme, grant me the will to be a fit receptacle of Thy Light. That by my desire and by my trust, thought, word and deed are purified.

And Armaiti, Guardian of this realm, may there be wise kings for worthy subjects the whole world round.
May harmony reign and justice prevail both above and below the threshold.
And my faithful guide, thy words bring sweet unrest to the fire of my understanding. I give praise to thy flashing dart that marks its target well!

Thanks be to God, for Thy servant Zarathustra, whose prayers traverse the ages and shower their benedictions upon our uplifted hearts.
May the power of Righteousness be a beacon in the darkness that we may be guided home in safety.
Lord, may we make our peace and be reconciled at last with our essence divine.

And my gratitude and thanks to Thee Ahura-Mazda, for we are over-laden by Thy gifts of Goodness.
Let us take our place then in the hierarchy of Light and pour fourth in reflection of Thee, the balm of our hearts, for those who will to receive. Oh how my heart sings with praises and laudations the Glory of God; as I glimpse the mystery of Divine Light waxing ever greater.

Hear this seeking heart, my Lady Asha, that would unearth its treasure with Thy aid. May I prove worthy of Thy providence, never squandering Thy abundance in the shadowplay, but be resourceful instead, and being so, guided by Wisdom’s hand.

May I dwell on my flame of Thy flame, Lord God.
May I be born by Thy Love that I might bear all with my love in turn. And may I be judged in Thy mercy and not found wanting.
Oh that my fruits of Thy tree of Inspiration may be judged sweet and good to eat.


R.W. (Guest)