Notes on Beauty

Beauty in its essence is one of the everlasting Powers of God. We cannot hope to comprehend it. As with Truth and Goodness we cannot somehow rise above it to consider it objectively, in the round, as it were; we cannot pass cool judgement on its actual nature. For man to gaze upon Beauty itself is impossible; and even when that Beauty is reflected in the splendour of the heavenly realms it cannot be defined or translated into words. It cannot in any way be weighed or measured; and nor will it ever be contained by the intellectual theories of man. Continue reading

Belief in God

Many of the current debates about God are noisy and ill-humoured; and sometimes they are spiteful and cruel. In the West aggressive materialists appear determined to stamp out all expressions of religious faith from public life. From their perspective, belief in God is an outdated superstition, delusional, and incompatible with a modern civilised world. Some of them openly argue that religious faith is the root of all evil. Continue reading

Materialism: the downward spiral

Across the globe materialism has darkened the eyes of many. In all the so-called developed and developing countries it seems that each generation is more materialistic than that of their parents; and it’s having a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health. Our children and grandchildren are being engulfed by a tide of commercialism and consumerism which if left unchecked threatens to overwhelm the world in a catastrophe of our own making.

In the West there has been for some time now an obvious imbalance: our pursuit of material riches, sensual gratification, and physical comfort at all costs, has been to the detriment of our collective search for meaning and the realisation of more spiritual ideals. Many suspect that this is the case, and yet we appear unable or unwilling to apply the brake. Deep down we know that a fundamental shift is needed, and yet as individuals we feel powerless to bring about that change; and so we attempt to justify our patterns of behaviour with all sorts of complicated arguments, even though we don’t really believe we are in the right. Collectively, we are like the addict who despite his nagging conscience descends deeper and deeper, ever more desperate to turn his life around and yet less and less able to bring about the required adjustments to his lifestyle. Continue reading