“Only those whose minds are Pure are equal to the labours of Renunciation.”(Narada)

Whether we be seeking to gradually unveil our true Individuality or Identity, and with a pristine Vision and profound Understanding, unveil the secrets of radiant Beauty and sacred Truth; these being securely hidden behind the dense screens of external Nature; free from any contact with the lower senses—and especially from the irreverent  gaze of the materialist, the profane and the scoffer—or, whether we be intensely busy in the humdrum of the workaday world, fully occupied with the struggles of life, worldly duties, illnesses and other grievous conditions, as well as the negative conditions of our lower mind and  body… it nevertheless comes as  somewhat of a revelation to the novice, that these two opposite directions of energy and concentration are not mutually exclusive; for being opposite sides of the same coin, they go hand in hand! And one cannot be busy in one area without effecting the other—at times profoundly so.

That said, it would seem to me rather presumptuous to expect any real Inspiration or Revelation to enter into a mind subject to such negative conditions. It would be like expecting a Ray of Light to penetrate unresisted and without distortion into an agitated and turbulent muddy pool, and then, reveal undimmed the glittering Treasures lying beneath it. But such are the negative conditions most of us unconsciously labour under. As a kind and wise old friend once said to me in my ignorant youth—while asking me to promise him that I would never forget it:

“The mind is like a pool. The clearer it is, the more you will See.”

It is in fact the negativity of our uncontrolled lower nature, symbolized by the above mentioned ‘agitated muddy pool’, which bars us completely from any real penetration into the Interior realms of Nature and our secret Higher Self, or true Individuality…and perhaps more sadly, from any Higher help and assistance!

But, when we are successful in penetrating the Interior, or, the Interior in penetrating us, we shall find an utterly astonishing, overwhelming and awe-inspiring Beauty, never before seen on land or sea; and the most profound Holy Truths until now securely hidden within their protective and peaceful sanctuary.

It may surprise some to hear that the ‘simple’ little saying of my wise old friend mentioned above, actually defines the whole purpose and Path of real Yoga; as Patanjali truly states:

“Yoga is the inhibition of the modifications of the mind”. (I.K. Taimni)

Yoga, or Union, is an intensely concentrated subject, better reserved for more specialised essays. For those interested, a deep study and practice of Patanjali’s Sutras in more than one translation is recommended. But to proceed… some Wise Sage speaking in ‘The Voice of Silence’ put it another way, by asking us to keep our mirror clean:

“For mind is like a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects. It needs the gentle breezes of Soul-Wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions. Seek O Beginner, to blend thy Mind and Soul.”

Our difficult condition is not at all dissimilar from an inquisitive fly, with its two front legs stuck in honey. As the poor fly frees one leg, and begins cleaning the sticky honey from it, the other leg, now bearing all the weight, penetrates all the deeper into the honey! Balance is not only an excellent moral, but is in actual fact the Golden Key! And the sooner we begin to strengthen, develop and utilise our higher ‘wings’ in meditations, prayers and especially attunements, while exercising our lower ‘legs’ in the completion of those worldly duties allotted to us, then all the better for our progress.

Most do not realise that we are each contained within our very own sevenfold electro-magnetic ‘Auric Egg’, and that all our thoughts, words and deeds are, for better or for worse, permanently engraved within its magnetic medium—these being the main cause of our self-created negative conditions. But the same ‘magic brush’ that applied those dark shades, ugly colours, perverse forms and disharmonic motions, may, over time, banish them by the application of brilliant hues, beautiful colours, delicate pastels, noble forms and harmonic motions—if we Will.

I entitled this short essay ‘a clean glass’, because that is the ‘much to be desired’ future state of our electro-magnetic Auric Egg—when we have finally succeeded in the transformative labours of purification.

“Physically, though invisibly, the human Auric Envelope has seven layers, the same as Cosmic Space. It is this Aura which, according to our mental and physical state of purity or impurity, either opens for us vistas into other worlds, or shuts us out altogether from anything but the three-dimensional world of Matter.” (J. Michaud. The Golden Star)

In his First Epistle to the Corinthians, St Paul refers directly, though symbolically, to this Aura when he said:

“For now we see through a glass, darkly;” (13:12)

Truly! For this is the condition of virtually all of us. But this begs the question: “how may we clean our ‘glass’, or Aura, so that we may at last be permitted to receive a Divine influx of Light and Life into our minds and bodies from both the Higher Planes and our Higher Self?” This brings us straight back to that truly wise Teaching by Narada quoted above. For there are two difficult ‘labours’ but which are in fact mutually inclusive, namely, Purity of mind and Renunciation of all negativity that would bar the Way to our spiritual progress.

At the early stage of the Path however, it is a difficult enough labour just to keep our thinking, imagining, speaking and outward behaviour as pure and as harmonic as possible, so that we are then more able to renounce the more selfish and disharmonic aspects of our lower nature. This most necessary lower nature, when uncontrolled, is the direct cause of our Auric darkness, density, turbulence and disharmony—and sadly, as I have already said, the fundamental cause of our being shut off from the Light!

Poets, mythologists and philosophers have many times referred this Aura as an ‘Eye’, one contemporary example being:

“But I will with Wine be quite Transmuted,                                                                    That my Glass be like a new-born Eye,                                                                           To See through all the Veils of matter,                                                                           And fly with Vision’s Wings on High”. (Matthew Sutherland)

Plato taught that only the Few who have purified that ‘organ of the Mind’ or ‘Eye’, by which Truth and Beauty can alone be perceived, may develop their Wings and attain to Freedom. This ‘Eye’, as he said:

“is better worth saving than ten thousand eyes of sense; who have disengaged this Eye from that ‘barbaric clay’ with which it was buried, and have by this means turned it as from some benighted day, to bright and real Vision”.

This short essay however, or even another thousand, could never Teach nor Train anyone on ‘how’ to achieve such a state of blessed Purity and Renunciation—for each individual Seeker has a unique set of obstacles, errors and illusions, and only a true Master may Teach, Train and Guide one who is ready up the steep Path through quite a number of specially dedicated lives, until finally, liberation is attained.  Nevertheless, pointing out the Way of Approach to sincere Seekers is permitted to we who have struggled up the Mountain somewhat. The following quotation should be meditated upon:

The Adept, the Initiate, and the pure person will be surrounded by an Aura or nimbus in which is clearly shown the grade of spiritual unfoldment of such a being; it will be pure, crystalline, limpid and opalescent as the morning dew. Men with such an Aura can be approached by holy and pure influences; whilst evil spirits flee before their atmosphere of divine beneficence. (J.Michaud. The Golden Star)

H.N. (Guest)