Savitar: Rider of the Two Horses

We join Dimitri as he discusses the subject of horses and horsemanship with the circus horse-trainer and performer, Savitar. Although it is perhaps more of a discourse than a discussion, for Savitar is in full flow and full of enthusiasm for his favourite subject. In the ring Savitar is renowned for his ability to ride two horses at the same time, standing with one foot on one horse and the other on the back of its brother.

From one point of view, Savitar explains, it could be claimed that they are power itself, or energy in motion, in contrast to energy at rest or at peace. Li-Ho refers to them as yang. My father once confided that to understand the horse fully we must also understand something of the nature of fire; and certainly, they seem capable of drawing on energies which are at the very basis of life.

And remember, Dimitri, whether a Chiron or an Eurytion, for so long as we are humans we cannot escape the human predicament. In a way we shall always be horsemen of one sort or another; so it is as well to give horsemanship and all that it entails its full and merited due. Continue reading