Good and Evil

Struggling with the concepts of good and evil, and particularly the so-called ‘problem of evil’, has led some to question the notion of God as the All-fair, the All-true and the All-good.  The material thinking part of our nature seems bound by the logic that either God is not absolute, or is in some way the cause of evil in the world. However, the mystical traditions have ever sought a truer and deeper insight into the nature of good and evil than is available to our intellectual reasoning faculty. Continue reading

Inner Peace

There can be no more significant achievement than to gain a measure of inner peace. It’s almost impossible to exaggerate its importance for seekers. It is the foundation upon which is built all progress for all men and women. It is the master-key, the first, middle and final step. At all stages of the path to Light, inner peace is both the way and the destination.  Continue reading

Notes on Beauty

Beauty can be recognised, but not translated into words. It cannot be defined. It cannot be weighed or measured; nor will it ever be contained by the intellectual theories of man. To lower men beauty in whatever form it takes is something to be suspicious of; to the lower still it is to be feared and hated, though they might deny it – even at times to themselves. And to the lowest of all, beauty does not exist.

Beauty in its essence is one of the everlasting Powers of God. We cannot hope to comprehend it. As with Truth and Goodness we cannot somehow rise above it to consider it objectively, or to pass cool judgement on its actual nature. While we can gain wonderful glimpses of its lower reflections, for us to gaze upon Beauty itself is impossible. However, it is these very glimpses of reflected, veiled beauty that are so important to the seeker on the Way, and our ability to attune with the truly beautiful will bring to us as seekers of the Light many benefits. Continue reading

Belief in God

You don’t need to look very far into the subject to realise that the current debates about God are often noisy and ill-humoured, and at times spiteful and cruel. In the West, aggressive materialists seem determined to stamp out all expressions of religious faith from public life. From their perspective, belief in God is outdated superstition, delusional, and incompatible with a modern civilised world. To some, belief in God is the root of all evil. If some of the attacks on traditional religions are malicious and offensive, the religious communities themselves can hardly claim the higher moral ground. Child abuse, the treatment of women and sectarian hatred are too common and widespread for that.

However, we are free to reject both perspectives as distortions of the truth. We can leave the corrupted followers of a wrathful God and the nihilistic atheists to their profitless hostilities; and if we prefer, we can choose to explore more positive aspects of our nature. We can connect instead with those who have drawn on fine and elevated ideas about the Divine to arrive at the more inspiring conception of God as the eternal source of all Truth, all Love, and all Life itself. Continue reading

Materialism: the downward spiral

Stepping back to reflect on the prevailing conditions across the modern world will convince most thinking people that materialism has darkened the eyes of many. It’s becoming ever clearer that each generation is more materialistic than that of their parents; and that it’s having a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health. Our children and grandchildren are being engulfed by a tide of commercialism and consumerism which threatens to overwhelm the world in a catastrophe of our own making. However, the crises in the economies around the world and the destructive environmental impact of modern rates of consumption and wastefulness are leading more people to challenge the way we live our lives. Continue reading